Sunday, 13 December 2015

My 4 Leaves on a Lucky Clover

Dreaming can get someone down a rabbit hole. In my dreams I start to fall in one but end up discovering myself and my friends. I learn to value friendship as they are my lucky leaves on a four leafed clover.

I am fast asleep and dreaming
and I can hear a lot of screaming
with fear and a lot of rage
I feel i am put behind a cage.
I fall among a deep shadow
as I awake on a beautiful meadow.

I gaze beyond my sight
and all I see is a bright light.
Is it that guiding force of love
that watches us from above?
I am surrounded by the gift of peace
and my feeling of rage decrease.

In my presence are four gems
they are my best friends.
Each one is a lucky leaf
that removes all my grief.
I close my eyes with joy
and tear up like a little boy.

I begin to realize
as the time flies
they are my kith and kin
they have always been.
Standing beside me
we will always be free.

I am lost in deep thoughts
as I fill the blind spots.
I open those pitiful eyes
and I see the sun rise.
I know its a new day 
and home is not far away.

I feel my thumping heart
as it is a new start
I look back and side
and they knew i cried.
I will always watch
as they light the torch.

My bad days are over.
I see 4 leaves on a clover.
- Prasanth Kumar Reddy

Monday, 9 March 2015

Women: An Essential for Existence, Survival and Growth

It all starts before you come into existence on to this planet. It takes approximately nine months in a mothers womb before your eyes open to this world. Your fate is decided if you were to be born as a girl or a boy child. A girl child will take it's first and last breath as though she was an experiment. This harsh decision never involves the intense nine months of pain and joy a mother went through. Has it ever occurred to you that a girl is important for the survival of mankind and its future generations. I do not mean that they are made to produce babies nor did I mention that they are your play toys for pleasure.  

A mother nurtures her children while working day and night without rest. She awakes early morning to make food for the family and sends her children to School and then goes to work. She arrives late at night to prepare dinner for the family and according to custom eats after everybody is done. Her role is not confined to being a mother, she is a teacher, and a mentor to her children.

Women play a huge role in improving the Economy of a nation. It has been proved that women are more successful than men. Through my personal experiences, in a rural scenario, I have seen many men who use the money to drink and later go home and beat their wives and children. Women have struggled to get rid of this situation and live a life independently without the support of the husband. They prefer to live in such a manner and fend for themselves rather than depend on a hopeless husband who would not bring any source of income to the family. They do not let the women work and yet do not contribute to the finances of the family. 

Through my very own experience, my father abandoned my mother and myself at an early age. My mother had to fend for herself and support the family so that we could survive. My family had been stricken by poverty and we had to struggle to make ends meet. If my grand parents had educated my mother, she could have found a job more suitable and support the family at ease. It is believed that if you educate a girl, she will educate many others and I strongly believe in this. 

Mine is just a story that has gone in the past, what about the rest of the girls and women of our world. Education is a key to change witnessing many achievements. Getting girls married at a young age and not allowing them to pursue a higher education, which is of their interest, is denying their happiness to learn and earn confidence to survive if they were left alone. Why should women be treated indifferent to men? Is it because it is a women's burden to carry a child and a man does not have to suffer that pain. So why should they suffer at such an early age when they are not ready. 

It can be argued that it is important to have a mother's love and affection for the growth of  a child and hence she must be at home and not work. A child requires a father's affection too. Both the parents play an equal role in supporting the development of a child. It is not the responsibility of the mother alone to bring up the child. 

For those who do things in the name of religion, is it said any where that 
"you must not educate a girl child", 
"you must kill a girl child since she is a burden to a family",
"women must be treated ill",
"women must be married at a young age",
"women must not be let to take decisions on their own",
"women can be forced to have sex to please someone against their will which is known as rape"
and many more. I am not questioning religion but asking people to think again on their existing thoughts. 

There has been consistent rapes happening in the recent years that have come to light. Rape according to a legal definition is a criminal offense defined in most states as forcible sexual relations with a person against that person's will. Sexual relations are normal and natural to every human being but it has never given the right to exploit and take advantage against a person's will. It is biologically natural to have certain sexual feelings to the opposite sex but humans have the ability to think and reason out apart from many animals to not go against some person's will. Are we animals? I believe animals are better. 

Some may argue to legalize prostitution if the women are willing to have paid sex, but again it depends on safe sex, the psychological effects on women and other issues. It is another discussion entirely. 

Is it morally right to rape a women and blame the victim that she provoked you to rape her? 
Does revealing clothes give you the right to rape her?
If she parties and goes to night clubs and pubs does that mean that you have the freedom to rape her? 
If she is walking alone or late at night does it mean that you have the freedom to rape her?
What if you were a women or what if they thought the same as you and rape men for all the above reasons?

Women have played a major role for the success of a family, economy, for the existence of mankind and have equal ideas to solutions as men do. Why not give them the opportunity to do so? Men have nothing to lose by allowing women to share the world with them. After all the survival of mankind requires both a male and a female and a world of males is futile.

Author : Prasanth Kumar Reddy

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Religion: A Belief in YOU and ME...

Have you ever wondered if god is above in heaven watching your next move? Are you afraid you might do the wrong thing and you would end up in hell? Do you have hope that god will answer your prayers and forgive you?

Religion is a mixture of beliefs and cultures that may be symbolized in the form of idols and scriptures that are used to govern the principles and practices of life. Religion brings people together during the time of festivities where people share joy celebrating their common beliefs. Religion may also bring people apart where they believe their own religion is superior to the other.

I believe it all started with the fear. In the earlier days when there was rain, thunder and lightning, primitive men feared the outcome. That explains the result of idol worship of the Sun god, or the Thunder god in various religious beliefs such as Hinduism or the Egyptian beliefs. These people wondered how could they prevent such ill events such as lightning and thunder. They started  worshipping them in hope that it would stop all their problems. That hope lasted days of rituals and prayers. Finally when it ended they thanked god for listening to them.

I am not eager to explain scientifically the existence of god as I am uncertain that science can prove religion, simply because it decides not to explain it. I am also not here to prove that God does not exist as a ‘single force’ or ‘power’.
My simple message is:
“I believe in myself and everyone else that we all have the potential to do something positive.”  
-Prasanth Kumar Reddy
It would be wise to have faith in each other, as one would say that they see god in each one of us. Science has its own way of bringing this message. For instance, an area of negative energy is filled with positive energy. This is widely seen in different references where ‘Good vs Evil’ would substantiate this statement. Many such comparisons present only one true fact that everyone wishes for a ‘Balanced and Just place’.
So why not seek that Balance in Nature, Balance in life, Balance in everything and “Balance in Beliefs”.
Isn’t this a reason why religion came up? Isn’t it what all religions preach? Isn’t this what all morals of a story end up to? Why does everyone want to undo their mistakes? Why save the environment? Why do we seek so many changes when we have committed them?

So help yourself achieve this by believing in yourself and having faith in others through kindness and peace and creating a positive impact on others. The answer to fears among us will vanish when we do the most simple task of kindness and love to another. You don't need god to remind you or science to prove that there must be a balance. Its you, so wake up and go for it.

Author : Prasanth Kumar Reddy

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Poverty: To Deprive Someone of their NEED!!!

Are we still talking about the unequal distribution of income in society where the rich are getting more rich and the poor are yet poor? How do we tackle such a system when it has been an issue for so many years? Let me lead you through this article about my experience of poverty and how personal it is to me. I have mentioned only a few aspects of poverty that is relevant and I chose to share.

Devastated and abandoned by my drunken father struck the first instincts of poverty because we were left alone to scavenge on the streets by our remaining existence.

All that my Mom and I needed was a home, food and a drop of water to survive. I did not mention the quality in food or the purity in water. It was not survival of the fittest after all for us.

We took refuge at the shelter of my maternal uncle just to get away from my father’s constant attempts to get rid of me. As a usual family feud among Indian families, my aunt did not like the fact we resided in my uncle’s house. We are talking about a “Joint Hindu Undivided Family” as people call it. We were only divided to fall prey to the lustful eyes of extreme poverty.

My mother, uneducated, was indeed a very smart young woman who fell prey to marriage. We did not have a bed or cushion to ‘rest in peace’ on the cold cow dung floor. The smart young woman made a bed out of old sarees and jute bags stuffed with rags inside them to give us the cushion effect and lay to rest. She worked as a laborer on the fields of others as we barely ate minimal food to keep our breath from seizing. I usually tagged along by her side on the fields playing along with absolute innocence not knowing the struggles my mother was going through.

With no sanitary system at all, everyone from the members of the village Panchayat to the laborer on the fields usually defecated on the fields and used the village lake to clean after. This single lake was used to wash the few clothes I treasured that had holes in them and were out grown. It was also a source of water for our cattle and and a source for us to clean our cattle and water our fields. Apart from this it was the luxury pool that we shared among all the villagers as a recreation.

I fell sick many times due to the lack of proper food and water or the impact of the multipurpose lake. There would be no doctors other than the traditional systems of Ayurveda by the elders. Others like me would die if they were not treated in time.

There were family occasions that every family looked forward to. It was a day of celebration and gathering of families. My mother and I did not get to celebrate it with anyone for a while as we wanted to. We did not have enough money to buy those spectacular fireworks or new clothes during Diwali. It deeply worried my mother to not enjoy like other families while I strolled along playing with other kids not knowing the discomfort of festivity.

We would go to visit my relatives once in a while when my mother longed to see her siblings and because we could not afford to visit. Since all were females other than my uncle, they were given away in marriage to far off places. We had to travel by the government bus, which came only four times in a day. If we missed the bus we would walk for hours in the scorching sun to the nearby town to get a bus. If we were late to the town we would miss the bus again and would have to wait for hours to catch the next bus.

I was almost four years old and started witnessing my friends deserting me. All of a sudden they wore fancy black shoes, new clothes tailored uniformly and a bag full of books to school. My mother wanted the best for me and so decided to get me the best education in an English Medium school, but she could not afford the tuition even in her lifetime. Her intention of letting my innocence and ignorance of our hardships and hopes that I would not lead the life that she did was in vain.

Minimal food we got might be the waste that you do not want to eat!!!
Thirst to us might have been the water you wasted or leaked!!!
A home to us might have been your Million dollar home!!!
A multipurpose lake might be your toilet paper and washing machine!!!
A bed to us might have been the couch at your home!!!
A tiring walk in the scorching sun might be your Royal Enfield!!!
An education to us you might have taken for granted!!!
A NEED for us is your LUXURY!!!
Author : Prasanth Kumar Reddy

Monday, 18 August 2014

Caste System: READY to Leave REDDY!!!

India is a developing country with a lot of opportunities. Recently we rejoiced and remembered the freedom India got from the British rule in 1947, but what about the everlasting rule of caste system, poverty, social injustice and so many things that was prevalent even before the British came??? This article stresses upon the caste system and why I hate my last name.

My name Prasanth Kumar, means peaceful prince and Along with this beautiful name attached is Reddy. The name ‘Reddy’ is the resemblance of a caste attached to my name. I was born into this so called ‘higher caste’ family. I perceive it as just a part of my name and not a position in society that appears superior to other people in society. I detest the use of such a name that is scarred upon my life but unfortunately its a part of me I cannot get rid off easily.

Those who believe that caste system does not exist anymore in India and the practice is dwindling, please open your eyes and you will see it evidently. I recall in my younger days when I was in the 5th Grade, I had gone to visit my Aunt. People of the lower caste usually came to work as labourers on the fields of the upper caste. I was astonished and was heart broken when I witnessed the atrocity and cruelty shown to them. Food was served on a type of Cactus leaf and they could not even drink water from the pots. Water was poured into their hands and they had to quench their thirst. I thought to myself, “How different are they from me?” I regret I was helpless as a child at that time.

I myself coming from a village, substantiate that caste system is very evident and prevalent in the rural society at large. Another personal experience that is a huge concern to many is marriage, a conversation that I try to avoid since I have many years to worry. Some discussions with my relatives and my mother at times lead to my marriage and in particular marrying someone of the same caste. I hate to dissatisfy their interests for me, but I feel its my life and the person I would want to be with for the rest of my life should be dictated by me and not anyone else. It is indeed very hard to change that custom of marrying someone of the same caste. People worry about respect in society and relatives, being ashamed by their own parents and often end up running away to get married. "Why can't they embrace the different cultures?"

Caste system has just brought about a division in society and has created only enmity. We are all human beings and are equal. India is a developing nation with a constant improvement in the economy but I personally believe that development must also include the growth in how people think. Peoples’ minds are yet the same as they were many years ago. India is a country that has still not got freedom from Caste system. I am ‘Ready’ to leave ‘Reddy’ as it is just my name that was attached from birth and should have been cut off like my umbilical cord at birth to survive a world of love and peace as one big family.

Author : Prasanth Kumar Reddy

Friday, 18 July 2014


Here is a look into how a person would feel shattered during the times of loneliness and sorrow.

I lay my head on my pillow
And look out the window,
All I see is hatred and sorrow
And I wonder if I should awake tomorrow.

Why should I live?
When the world has nothing to give
And I always gave 
like a good slave.

Hope starts to build
As my relationships build
It all spills
And I look for pills.

Can't life be a lot easy?
And not let me go dizzy
I just wanna die and be free
Rather than worry.

I'm anyway shattered
It doesn't matter
I just wanna die
Either way no ones gonna cry.

Author : Prasanth Kumar Reddy

Monday, 14 July 2014

Death Proposal.....

This is a contradicting poem with regards to my purpose to serve the less privileged. Though I do not believe in 'God' or the 'after life' I used this reference of the Devil and God to relate to many readers. Usually it is believed that you would go to heaven if you were a good moral human being whereas I, want to sacrifice my life to let the less fortunate, who are equally worthy of doing good, go to 'heaven' and I to 'hell' to change hell itself.

In my sleep last night,
The devil came to me
seeking my soul,
and I begged to live.

The devil made a deal
to give me a chance
to extend my life,
and in return my soul, later.

My extension was for a cause,
to serve those less privileged.
My intention was that others
get to keep their souls from him.

I had to sacrifice my promised soul
to go to hell than heaven,
to save those who deserved
their place in heaven.

I proposed to die again
after I accomplish my duty
to those heavenly souls
and I to hell again, to change it.

Author : Prasanth Kumar Reddy

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Seeking Relief of My Mind

This descriptive poem depicts my intention of how I'm seeking relief of my mind. So I sit and observe the silence and presence around me.

As I sit here alone
way up the building,
The soft breeze touches my face
while the scorching sun strikes it.

In the distance
I can see sheep
grazing upon lofty plains
and their herders watching over them.

I'm surrounded by countless black ants
but none seem to harm me.
They don't even dare to touch me,
Instead move away in silence.

There is an injured bird
wailing for help
because its in intense pain
hoping no predator seeks it.

I sit here in silence
seeking relief of my mind
not knowing my future
but knowing that I craft and build it.
Author : Prasanth Kumar Reddy

I'm Drifting Away.......

A descriptive poem about how I felt just before falling asleep trying to prep for the next day's class.

As I sit in my chair
I can hear the heavy rain.
There is a glare
and my energy begins to drain.
I'm slowly drifting away.

I can hear faint rain drops
as I'm closing my eyes,
but I'm woken by sobs
of the sky and insects' cries.
Yet I haven't moved away.

I'm falling asleep
as I lay down my head.
My dreams are intense and deep,
and I realized its time for bed.
My bed is not far-far away.

The clock is ticking
and I hear the crickets scream.
My mind is now drifting
and I'll soon be in a dream.
I think I should go away.
-Author : Prasanth Kumar Reddy

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Without You!!!

This is a simple poem expressing my feelings to someone who is special to me and I'm describing how empty it would be without them.

My life is empty without you
Nor is it complete without you.
I'm a candle without a flame
Without you I'm lame.
I'm the dark night sky
Without the stars up so high.
I'm a bird on a tree
Without wings to be free.
I'm a tree standing tall
While my leaves fall.
I have tears rolling down my face
Only you wipe them with grace.
I am the smile
But you stretch it a mile.
I am the eyes
But without you they can't see but cry.
You are my hand
Without which I can't write.
My life is shed
Without you I'm dead.
-Author : Prasanth Kumar Reddy

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Art - The Love of Expression

Art in the form of poetry, music, or dance is just a way of expressing a person's feelings. Expressing does not require a competition to perfect the art to show who is better but sharing them with joy with others does.

Battling on the dance floor
Displays only envy and jealousy,
Jealousy to win and prove nothing.
No one can win over art
Because Art is the love of expression.

A person’s true nature
Is seen through his form of art
Not his appearance
Or anyone’s perception.
Since art is the true form of expression.

A challenge to perfect art
Is a challenge to ones feelings
So why have competitions!
Why show your better
Just express yourself.

Art is a natural form of expression
It’s the joy of personal satisfaction
And it’s shared with others
To share their feelings
And not to over ride others’.

Art is the love of expression
And your expressions are yours
Just as poetry is mine
And I wish to share them with you.
Just as Love is also the art of expression.
Author : Prasanth Kumar Reddy

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Thank You

This is a poem thanking a friend for letting me be a part of the world through them. Friends bring happiness into our lives and allow us to forget our sorrows.

Thank you dear friend
because of you I'm happy
You took my hand
and led me through the door.

You opened my eyes
to see the whole new world
that I thought was always cruel,
now I feel safe and warm.

You changed my fears
into fruitful courage.
I'm now part of this world
only because of you.

Thank you for changing my life
I am now a new person.
I am now happy
I have a place to forget my sorrows.

Author : Prasanth Kumar Reddy

Sunday, 2 February 2014

In A Dream

The world is full of sorrows and joys. To forget the sorrows and to live in a dream of happiness is the best dream that one can have. In this poem I wish i could stay in the dream forever so that I am always happy.

I only wish I was in a dream
that would display a moment.
A moment of happiness
fixed and refreshes my memory.

A dream of happiness
keeps up the smile
that would fade away
as the dream is over.

Everything in the dream
is what I want it to be
and I wish that was true
in the real world.

A dream of happiness
will always appear happy
and that will draw a smile
upon my heart forever.

I only wish I was in a dream
not living and breathing
but present forever
and preserved in that way forever.

Author: Prasanth Kumar Reddy

Saturday, 11 January 2014

I Dream About These Conditions

This is a poem describing about conditions such as child labour and poverty that exist in India. I think about them and sometimes find myself helpless.

I look out and see children,
they are carrying concrete blocks on their head.
Those tiny hands work intensively
at the firework industry.

I see fighting and killing.
Upon the battlefield is a layer of thick blood
ones brother is lying on the battlefield
but he is killed by his own kind.

I watch as an injured man
is let to die in an accident.
Each human thinks
the other will help him.

I see a hungry mouth,
but if I feed that one mouth
a thousand more will appear
from behind the shadows of another.

I dream about these conditions
but they stop at the same point.
I make no attempt
to change that dream.
Author: Prasanth Kumar Reddy

Monday, 2 December 2013

What is Going On Right!!!

Every time people always write about social evils and what is not happening right in society but this poem is to show what is going on right!!!

Behind every failure there is a success

Every tear can flow down and be wiped away
A blank page has space to fill a million words
Every day starts with the sun rising.
This is all that is going on right.

A woman lying on the ground beaten and weeping
Is no more a slave to her husband,
Her tears have dried from happiness.
Happiness that her kids have gotten education
And all evils drawn away by it.

Small hands in the factories
Are now found on paper
Learning and excelling each day
Igniting their lives for a bright future.
This is what is going on right.

No more is a girl driven into fire or the dump
She can question the past,
Live the present,
And hope for the future.
This is what is going on right.

We are no more the Roman Mob as to Brutus and Antony
We are Free and Independent,
We accept and acknowledge,
Justice and equality are nearing
And hope is building and this is Right!!!

Author: Prasanth Kumar Reddy

Friday, 27 September 2013

“You Can’t Force Someone to Write”

Here is a simple poem educating those who force others to write poetry. Poetry is an art of expression through words and no one should force others to write poetry. This was written some time back for a competition that many of my friends were forced to write. I had written this poem while teaching my them how to write poetry.

As I sit here in class
I can’t think of what to write
But I have to write this poem
And then I’ll be left in paradise.

I hate poetry
But I realize inside
That I can express myself
And I’ll be free.

Though poetry and I don’t get along
I have to do this
I can’t fight back
And it need not be that long.

“You can’t force someone to write
It has to come from within
Or there is no point
And YOU have no right.
                                                                      Author: Prasanth Kumar Reddy

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Personal Statement

At four in the morning I feel hard, cracked palms patting my face.  It’s my mother waking me up for my first duty of the day; to clear the shed of cow dung. I wake up with heavy lids. Sleep pulls me back to the cold floor but I hear my mother's soft voice saying, "Son, go throw away the cow dung." I walk past sleepy huts and through the narrow path and dump the cow dung onto the wet ground. Mist lies like a border protecting the lake. As I step back, leaving my footprints on the wet banks, I cannot ignore the imprint upon my mind left by my family and society.

In that barren village, the fear of hopelessness clutches me. This fear disappears when I am in my classroom at Shanti Bhavan. More than a school it is my home  where virtue, innovation and friendship grow midst the reality of extreme poverty. My beliefs that were molded in my village are now recast to give me the strength I need to succeed.

Shanti Bhavan created a path of many opportunities: studying business at Christ University, the best in Karnataka, and Interning at Goldman Sachs. The sweat that drops onto the fields from my mother's forehead, the support of my community and the love and energy of all those at my school have allowed me to blossom. I am driven by the understanding that my success  cannot be mine alone, and I have to give back to my community who live in society’s shadow.

I now know that if and when people are given the opportunity, they can become the next Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet. I am inspired by this most basic of facts, and yet it is my experience of
poverty, my fortune to be given the opportunity which ensures my perseverance in the long road ahead. I am no longer some forgotten face of rural poverty. I am the fruit of an investment that will leverage the lives of others.

Author: Prasanth Kumar Reddy
-March 2012